Makin' Moves

by P.J.

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Debut album from Swedish rapper "P.J.".


released August 31, 2012


all rights reserved



P.J. Sweden

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Track Name: Makin' Moves
I wonder if I really I want it//
Or is it all belief
Will I miss the stage even when I’m standing on it//
Or in the moment I leave will I only feel relief
I wish for the initial//
I wish that in the future the whole wide world knows the letters to my initials
I guess it’s only right, cuz the music’s in my blood//
Watch these fakers turn vampires with the way they bite
Cuz they think my music’s good, sorry that I’m not modest//
See I’m calmer as a person, but I’m angry as an artist
Got a lot of patience, but the wait seems like the longest//
And the weight that’s on my shoulder really never quite departed
But everybody’s had drama//
Life ain’t black and white, Obama
Even if I rap tight,
These record labels must be thinking that I’m playing hide and seek, Usama
My friends are always asking “When you gonna get a deal?”//
I don’t care if I don’t get it cause I know I’m fucking ill
Don’t do a lot of bragging I just leave that to the skill//
Everybody thinks I’ll make but…
But my friends are always asking “When you gonna get a deal?”//
I don’t care if I don’t get it cause I know I’m fucking ill
Don’t do a lot of bragging I just leave that to the skill//
Everybody thinks I’ll make but I know I fucking will

So I ain’t done yet
Nah homie, now I ain’t done yet
Nah I ain’t done yet
Shit. I ain’t done yet
Nah homie, now I ain’t done yet
Nah I ain’t done yet
But when they crown me the one, bet
That I ain’t motherfucking done yet

Ever since I remember I’ve had the same dream, déjà vu come nighttime//
Played a fool, but now I’ve labeled this as “My Time”
Labels notice my shine, I’ll take it as it comes//
Pause, these bitches got no flow, menopause
You’ve been a fraud, I go hard, you so soft//
You won’t halt my goals, I’m supposed to this music shit
Who can prove the opposite? Losing ain’t an option, this//
Ain’t some random fling I’ll put my motherfucking life to this, like Vicodin
My mic convince that rappers ain’t so sick no more, I’m tighter than//
what you might’ve been and my writing ends when title waves hit devil’s door
So pedal to the floor and I’m off to the race. Pole position, a goal, ambition//
A hope, a wish and I’m there. Shining, blinding if you dare to stare
My… drive is never running out of gas//
See I… try to finish opposite of last, but I…
Know that if I’ll make it I’ll just feel like I do now//
Sure I’m proud, but in my gut I know that I ain’t fucking done yet!
You see I’m… never satisfied.
My drive is probably bigger than yours
Because I’m… never getting tired.
Always striving for more.
Cuz I couldn’t care less about 15 minutes of fame
I want people to remember my name
As more than the latest, man//
I wanna be the greatest, so no wonder I ain’t done yet!
Track Name: Far Away
With eyes shut I can see it so clearly, I feel it near me, yet I’m so (Far Away)
From the goals that I’ve set, yet looking back, I ain’t shook for that, cuz (I’m Far Away)
From where I begun, with the things that I’ve done today, but either way (I’m Far Away)
From where I was, from where I’ll be… It seems, so Far Away…

My vision was so clear, getting blurry now that time bring worries//
Hurry through struggles, enjoying every second blessed with success
The sun shines, yet my mind is clouded, louder doubts//
Aloud the better part of me to shrink when dark thoughts I think
Does art have to bring that damn pain my brain//
Put in words, which I write in ink
Does failure give birth to the deeper me//
And do I drown in the happy moments, could it be
so simple?... Yet complicated. Feeling calm yet aggravated//
Love the love, and feel dumb when I give in to the hatred
Foul bowel movement, yeah this shit is ugly//
But what can you possibly expect when you check under the hood
It ain’t all good, I wish it all would//
Go away with the rain, but then it’d all flood
So I flow to save you and me//
So we don’t have to stay afloat like New Orleans, yet I’m…

Love goes deeper than the seven seas. Thesis - speakers are pumping ether//
Believe us. Your favorite rapper’s beneath us. Put the pieces together
Hotter than Ecuadorian weather with bigger dreams than John Lennon//
And Dorian put together, forever
It lives on, on passion that’s never gone//
Never half-ass anything, committed like a wedding ring
Opposite of petty shit we steadily pedaling towards//
Awards, applause, of course, abroad, oh lord
I’m on a roll (honor roll): like a fine student’s title//
Idolizing emcees whose lyrics are homicidal
Wordplay is vital, ever witness my recital//
I will have you saying damn man, that shit was fucking tight yo
Might blow, fuck it though, wishing for the best//
Honor roll as I mentioned, I’ll pass the damn test
So man, stop lying and just step up and confess//
Do I have more spitting skills than the rest? You don’t need to take a guess
No featuring man I don’t need a guest//
I’ll be rapping till the day that I’m lying breathless
Closed hands on my chest, till that day – no rest//
Cuz the answer to the question is a motherfucking yes, man
Sometimes the rap shit is stressing me//
Straight-A’s student, ain’t no motherfucking testing me
With 16 bars, give me a minute, and I kill it//
I’m a menace, people know who fucking did it when I’m in it
Witty when I spit it, gritty with a fitted//
Iller than your fucking favorite emcee cuz I’m with it
Constipated, DON’T give a shit if you DON’T get it//
Cuz I KNOW I’mma reach the top, I’mma GO get it,
Ridiculous how figures just rule everything//
From the music that we hear to the diamond in the bling
A diamond in the rough, though nobody gives a fuck//
If you don’t make a buck, tough luck, yet I’m stuck so…
Track Name: Ain't so Hard
Fast life, if the cash is light, brighter day comes//
Up and down like a halfpipe in my past, write, whatever might come, and
Whatever might come up may come out, no excuses//
So I do this, pardon, do me, when it gets twisted like a rubix
Whoever you be, I know some certain things seem to go wrong//
And you overstress it if you hear some slow depressing song
So no moping, eloping or hoping that your life would’ve been better//
Don’t let up, when you get fed up you stay tough and keep your head up
Aim up high (high, high) If I’m gonna be a star, then the limit ain’t the sky//
Put my heart and soul in it, innit refreshing?
Guessing you were looking for some sympathy? (Sympathy) //
I can tell from you how you look at me, but look at me
When you feel shitty, no self pity. No help with it//
Will you always need a helping hand when it don’t go down like you planned?
Damn. Always relying on someone else, huh//
Why you lying to yourself, hun?
It hurts me to see you burst into tears when I personally know you deserve better//
Just persevere, and you’ll make it
An anthem for the glass’ half empty souls//
Toast. The glass’ half full, fool

When you feel that it’s all sub par and you fall
Through the clouds and the mountains of problems a-la-a-arm, just remember we a-a-all
We gotta face struggles, now brace for it, embrace our goal, and reach for it
For your life ain’t ha-a-ard. No your life ain’t hard. (so hard, so hard)

Hardly falling, are we all in the same mode//
Same old story, bore me
Calmly think it through, should anybody pity you//
Cuz little shit went wrong, so you thinking, there ain’t shit to do
Admit it you know that it ain’t right//
So you show that you ain’t gon’ fight
For it, forget it, for it’s shown that you hold back//
You know that: that won’t last, so go back, reprogram and get it
I know that life’s scary, carry yourself through it//
Indubitably, no matter who you be, I’m rooting for ya
Who could spoil the future for you but you//
Your own worst enemy, kidding me
If you push yourself down, then you cheer up, clouded your mind, you clear up//
Anytime, all the time, you smile don’t frown when life is a bitch, then turn her to a dime
And rise on trials, live it to the fullest
No limit, take shots like a bullet, never think what if I couldn’t, just do it//
Track Name: Murder, Murder
Makin’ Moves, hectic, skeptics can get dick//
Left with, nada, a lot are proud of my best shit
Get with the next, if, you don’t know or had a clue//
Now you do. P dot J dot, They got
Nothing, on me. Harm me? Hardly//
Hardy-ha… Bitch you’re only flashy - Mardi Gras
Real Hip-Hop is just lost in translation//
Not my native tongue but bet I will have them saying, claiming

Murder murder, murder murder
Murder murder, murder murder, murder murder
They saying
Murder murder, murder murder
Mu-mu-murder on the beat
Murder on the weak

I don’t wanna brag, but I was never one to brag//
Humble as a mumble, but when is comes to rap’s
Not a stumble, made me wanna rumble with the game//
These rappers do whatever to get people to say their name
Far from clever. Give it a new endeavor, you’d probably fill your liver with liter of liquor//
If I whispered this should’ve gave you a buzz
Food for thought for you attention starving artist, you are garbage//
Litter, trash, ouch, lash out
Murder, murder, when I heard ya. Burden on the game//
Killing it softly, Lauryn, Uphill from here
Must kill these squares. basically commit some fucking murders
Murders… Have ‘em screaming

Murder murder, murder murder
Murder murder, murder murder, murder murder
They screaming
Murder murder, murder murder
Mu-mu-murder on the beat
Murder on the weak

Now. Don’t get me wrong, real songs do appear//
But rappers’ thinking backwards are just ending their careers
Like a bar manager, they get boo’s//
And people buying their shit just don’t have any better things to do
My… gift’s rapping, Christmas time//
All you… pissrappers probably missed that line
Are you… Still having dreams of getting signed?//
Go die… Wait…But then again I guess it wouldn’t be a
Murder murder, murder murder
Murder murder, murder murder, murder murder
I guess I’ll
Murder murder, murder murder
Murder murder all beats
And murder emcees
Track Name: Miss Hip-Hop
He’s a sly fox, has the eye of the tiger//
A car with a horse on the hood, he’s a rider
She’s always been good, he’s always beside her//
Used to be colourful, though now getting less brighter
Never been gullible, though now getting less brighter//
He doesn’t even care about that, besides her
Views never matter, nor her taste or her flatter//
Had her ups, had her downs, currently in the latter
Though, oh, I try to make her smile//
Every time that I rhyme she seems to shine
So I, try to keep her from the other guy//
But he comes back time and time again, why?
She’s never given him love//
Feeling embarrassed over him, like the rest of the world
Step away from the girl, you’re no good, please, stop//
I’m sorry Ms. Hip-Hop, you don’t have to cry

(You’re better of without him)
If you wanna cry on my shoulder, I told ya//
I’ll hold on, so go on and cry…
(You’re better of without him)
I’ll never give a reason to cry//
You will smile when I rhyme, you will shine all the time

Used to be treated so fine//
When the poetry, the beat and the rhyme would combine
Now it is too simplistic//
All about the money, it is materialistic
If it was up to me the game would be filled with the//
Lyrically talented emcees, cheese would be
A non-factor for all rappers//
Replace all the hate with laughter, and please
Bring the lyrics back, bring the lyrics back//
It’s called rap so where the hell is poetry at?
The rhyming is fine but what about the meaning?
It’s demeaning to be seeing all these wannabes on TV
When will we see it end? Again and again//
They’re doing the same thing, repeating all their cheating
And you know it ain’t right, with me in your life//
I doubt that you will scream or shout, and you will never ever cry

(You’re better of without him)
If you wanna cry on my shoulder, I told ya//
I’ll hold on, so go on and cry…
(You’re better of without him)
I’ll never give a reason to cry//
You will smile when I rhyme, you will shine all the time
Track Name: Slowly Drifting
Blind in the present, 20/20 hindsight, guessing//
My next move ain’t gon be my best, and
The stress, ain’t helping shit, hoping that I’m equipped//
With the patience to get by what I’m facing
Good bye aggravation, no longer waiting//
Getting what is mine. If it ain’t given, then I’m taking
Making so much noise, won’t be quiet till the whole city awaken//
With no snooze, win I won’t loose
I choose every decision, wishing some would disappear//
In the thin air
But it’s rather cold, make me shiver, the heart needs warmth//
My heart’s needs and wants are not always the same
Remain so powerless, watching the hours just sway//
Remain so powerless, watching the hours just sway//
Away… While I’m

Slowly drifting
Feeling lost I try to find the lost time
Looking everywhere like cross-eyed
Time is money, so I’m getting broker and older
As time flies, I’m…
Slowly drifting
Playing the blues, and
Snoozing through this bullshit
Choosing music, ‘fore this bullshit

Not even 20 years old//
I am told to decide coming jobs, and more
But no one knows what the future will hold//
and this music biz is a little too unsure
But music is my passion, they say work with what you love//
Yet they laugh when I say rapping, man it’s hard to understand them
Because work, to me, is more than gaining wealth//
Should I listen to myself, or to everybody else?
I’ll find a way through this maze, screaming:
Mindstate of a daydreamer
Drifting. Forever gone, so long//
I long for the day they remember the name
Remain so powerless, watching the hours just sway//
Remain so powerless, watching the hours just sway//
Away… While I’m

Hard to handle the truth//
We automatically choose to overlook every proof
Every wise guy’s advice, no life guide to find//
So why’d I deny these feelings inside, while

People… are drifting away
Cuz people… are shifting their ways
Cuz people… are drifting away
Cuz people change from day to day
People, are you the same today?
As the people you were yesterday
Track Name: Dream On
This is I, vibing late at night, 4th of March, when//
others may be out, partying, I’m tryina barge in
To your iPods, and your facebooks//
Like it’s my job, with no pay, took
a little longer than expected, hope my songs ain’t rejected//
CD’s ain’t ejected, stay calm and collected
Quality rhymes as nice as the highest ranked//
Guys scream FIRE without being bias, I just
Never stop, no hiatus, hi haters! I decided to write and look what came… out//
Played out rappers getting played out…
Vouch to always be true, while you, do what the fuck it is that you do…
On point like voodoo, who knew this dude rule//
I, no Drake impression
Just stating with aggression… //
I knew
Since self doubt is left out, I stress how loud crowds wows are//
Same thing everyday: Groundhog, my god…
My thesis: elite is defeat if compared to my dreams. I dream… big.

And that’s all that I ever did//
And that’s all that I’ll ever do
And that’s all that I ever will
Dream on, dream on

Dream on till reality is gone//
Working hard till six in the morn
Late nights in the chamber of hope//
I record records, call me Usain Bolt
But when others are sleeping on weekends me and my peeps creeping keep seeking//
Trying to find shine like a beacon
Writing, reading, tweaking. YouTubeing and tweeting//
Always try to sneak in every human being’s seeing
Or human being’s hearing then stay in your ear like earring//
Fit into the beat like the sample and the snare, and
The kick, kick back, thinking about my dream world//
I already got my dream girl, I’m soon there
No fear, step by step, I’ll get there//
Got a plan, plan to see it through, hell yeah
Without a care, I’ll always have well fare
If it goes well, dream, I see you next year.
Track Name: Liar
Spit slicker than Rick, lickety split, never slip, shit//
Get up on it, ignore it or fall back
That boy quick, in a jiffy I get busy//
Clever, witty, never shitty, level with me? Nah, that’s
Never happening, my rappin is sporadic and//
Your tracks sound the same, as creative as my name, damn
Took my initials, special as fuck//
If you spit fire I spit missiles, shit I guess I’ll blow up
What? Huh. Real rap no spinners//
From a no one to a winner, from beginner to pro spitter
I got the will, so I will make it//
Take the wheel and the pedal to the metal raise the level and I’m gone
So I take it how it comes//
The good and the bad, though the latter doesn’t matter
Cuz I’m at it like an addict on this rapping: no sabbatical//
Changing never happen, everlasting, this is status quo

Ain’t a thing on my mind//
Up in the studio, not aware of time or place
The bass goes ba-bump ba-ba-bump
If you tell me this ain’t what you want, then
You know you’re a liar
Liar liar liar
And you know it too
Cuz the shit you’re saying ain’t true (hey hey)

Liar, liar, with my pants on, sagging//
Belt unfasten, should I rap faster and smash
The half ass cast that rap has//
I flash past bastards fast, ask the best
Cuz the others ain’t half as fresh//
Who’s next? Damn, have a guess
Spit far from the average, half sick, plastic rap hits//
Shit, I’m classic
Listeners saying that kid’s tight//
Bet I shine like the moon on midnight
Or the sun on midday, my shit’s clean: bidé//
And I’m headed to my goals, Pele
Like a champ, L.A. … Lakers//
They say haters make us
So I gotta show gratitude to the dude with the attitude//
Act rude and I’ll thank you!

Ain’t a thing on my mind//
Up in the studio, not aware of time or place
The bass goes ba-bump ba-ba-bump
If you tell me this ain’t what you want, then
You know you’re a liar
Liar liar liar
And you know it too
Cuz the shit you’re saying ain’t true (hey hey)

So why you wanna do that?//
You know I got the game like: Who Dat?!
P to the J, thought you knew that//
Bringing that smooth rap, hey…
Track Name: You
Pain… Said she’d never ever cause it again//
Strange… When we lie close, she’s at range
Games… Ain’t the only thing that she is playing//
Names on her cellphone… Lame in the bedroom…
Damn… Days never really filled with laughs//
When we go out… Don’t hold hands
Man… Thought we had it good, guess we don’t//
Guess we don’t… Guess we don’t
Is it my fault though? //
Did I do wrongs that would make your wrongs less wrong, don’t know…
Won’t go… Won’t stay…//
Tell me the truth, don’t sugarcoat it like a nickname, then she said…

(Didn’t want to have to do it…
Didn’t want to have to brake you heart)

What a comfort that is//
Cuz you broke my heart, stomped on its very last wish
That we’d grow old, have kids//
See our own kids have kids
We said we would do it//
Now it’s all ruined
I hope it was worth it//
You made me feel worthless
I never felt worse, it is//
One persons fault, cuz of you…
I sleep bleeding tears//
All you could say was “I’m sorry my dear, but know that I”…

(Didn’t want to have to do it…
Didn’t want to have to brake you heart)

Then you wanna talk about what happened//
The spark that had you landing, in another mans mattress
Or was it in mine?
Why did you not decline instead of climbing in his car//
Asking for a ride when you know, we don’t live far away
What was love has now changed into hate//
An old chapter, girl we change the page
Girl we change the page…
Track Name: New World
I don’t wanna be political, biblical, ridiculed or rude: I just rap//
Make a living on killing – really not feeling that
You hear the irony, put down the iron G//
That’s just unnecessary energy, feeling me?
I elude feud by not acting rude//
And I’m breaking bread without breaking rules
Make it less complex, speak right from the heart
With 16 bars I will fight for my cause, because
I wish the sun always shined//
And that guns wasn’t products that you put into aisles
That the news reporter would say: “This just in//
Peace calls made all wars just end, and
Soldiers are back from Iraq, they ain’t going back//
No more crap they finally said nuff of that”
I’m just looking for a place where I//
Can turn a frown upside down and smile for a while, guess I…

Got to find a new world
Where the people get along

What if a dispersed verse burst universe’s curse//
Of peace finding peace on earth
And what if with a single chorus evil forces//
All disappeared like Brazilian forests
What if all this universal hurt turned musical work//
I promise there would never be no
Chase or trouble, just bass and treble//
Replace pain with gain, a better day tomorrow without sorrow
If it was that easy//
Still can’t grasp that we really lost Amiri
I feel the pain coming back//
Every time I listen to that track on iRap…
But what if the world lived in peace//
Would Pac and Biggie still walk on these streets?
Johnny J make beats? JFK rest in peace? //
World Trade not lay at the end of the day? Anyway I…

Got to find a new world
Where the people get along

Imagine the world living in harmony, no harm would be//
Alarming the senses and pencils
Were used in fights, no blood spill//
Poverty would probably be gone like Chappelle
Guess that’s not happening though//
Another shut door yet another closed window
Injustice just unjust shit//
Unclutch clutched fist, must adjust quick
Or we’ll be stuck in tough shit//
Roughness – thus must thrust through tough shifts
While big boss gets bonus//
Don’t throw bones cuz, on their thrown they’re alone
On their own, thinking bout their own drive//
Some want a piece or a peaceful time, while
Cops want the wrists, boxers want the fists//
Lawyers the want the twist, I just want this, I guess I…
Track Name: Lights Out
It was all a dream! Me and my team never sleeping to reach it//
Solo? No. No Nintendo but we on that we shit
Stuck with the music through the trials... and tribulations//
Took time (took time)… Had me working on my patience
Doctor-ish, got the gift to spit it the tightest//
I just… Flow let it go from my soul (soul, soul)
Beat so… cold I'll know that you'll vibe to it, ride to it//
So it's only fitting I say bye to it
Bye for now, buy a round on me (HEEY)//
Makin' Moves. So clear. This year.
There’s a feeling in the air//
No concealing that you stare at a star like no ceiling I’m appealing every ear
Every year, been getting better, betting that I’m sitting on my chair//
At the top at the end of my career. Yeah.
Right here: The beginning of it all//
Word of mouth: I shine like the stars and the Lights Out

I'm the best kept secret hoping everybody peeps it//
Makin' Moves, Makin' Moves, yeah I got my feet wet
… You hear my steps coming, I'm running to the top//
All you gonna hear are the squeaks from my sneaks, please believe it
From here on out you gon' fear our sound//
Like a... heroin draught,
I'm leaving you itching, bitching for pitching//
Up in the kitchen fixing the fix, and cooking the shit man
Damn… Competition wishing that it would end//
When I had what I needed. A pen and a pad and MacBook. That shook the game up
Came up… sneaking, reeking of talent//
Week in week out, check the views and re-count, reach out
To contacts, bomb texts, spam tracks, sending dope - anthrax//
Call me the dealer - hand-outs, all in, and out
Tell my story like a fable, put it all on the table//
And roll the dice: Craps.
Willing and able to put my life on these bars, now write
On your blogs: I'm the best in CAPS.
Lock-out the game like NBA //
Rising higher like fireworks. Makin' Moves is what I shout
Murder, Murder, your favorite rapper gets wiped out//
And knock offs get knocked out
Lights Out

Makin Moves' takin' time//
From mixing to writing rhymes, damn put my all in it
Blood, sweat, tears… Put my heart in it//
Bit cliché but anyway…
Been 3 years in the making. Or maybe four//
Maybe more, maybe less, fuck the stress
Fuck every single thing that ever got to me, it got to be worth it.
The hurt and the pain.
In the end of day, I made this to say//
Thank you to every single one of you that pressed play
Game-changer. Name-reminder
P.J., P dot J dot. Biggest shining star like the moon when it's night out.
So good morning, good day and good night

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