Far Away

from by P.J.

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With eyes shut I can see it so clearly, I feel it near me, yet I’m so (Far Away)
From the goals that I’ve set, yet looking back, I ain’t shook for that, cuz (I’m Far Away)
From where I begun, with the things that I’ve done today, but either way (I’m Far Away)
From where I was, from where I’ll be… It seems, so Far Away…

My vision was so clear, getting blurry now that time bring worries//
Hurry through struggles, enjoying every second blessed with success
The sun shines, yet my mind is clouded, louder doubts//
Aloud the better part of me to shrink when dark thoughts I think
Does art have to bring that damn pain my brain//
Put in words, which I write in ink
Does failure give birth to the deeper me//
And do I drown in the happy moments, could it be
so simple?... Yet complicated. Feeling calm yet aggravated//
Love the love, and feel dumb when I give in to the hatred
Foul bowel movement, yeah this shit is ugly//
But what can you possibly expect when you check under the hood
It ain’t all good, I wish it all would//
Go away with the rain, but then it’d all flood
So I flow to save you and me//
So we don’t have to stay afloat like New Orleans, yet I’m…

Love goes deeper than the seven seas. Thesis - speakers are pumping ether//
Believe us. Your favorite rapper’s beneath us. Put the pieces together
Hotter than Ecuadorian weather with bigger dreams than John Lennon//
And Dorian put together, forever
It lives on, on passion that’s never gone//
Never half-ass anything, committed like a wedding ring
Opposite of petty shit we steadily pedaling towards//
Awards, applause, of course, abroad, oh lord
I’m on a roll (honor roll): like a fine student’s title//
Idolizing emcees whose lyrics are homicidal
Wordplay is vital, ever witness my recital//
I will have you saying damn man, that shit was fucking tight yo
Might blow, fuck it though, wishing for the best//
Honor roll as I mentioned, I’ll pass the damn test
So man, stop lying and just step up and confess//
Do I have more spitting skills than the rest? You don’t need to take a guess
No featuring man I don’t need a guest//
I’ll be rapping till the day that I’m lying breathless
Closed hands on my chest, till that day – no rest//
Cuz the answer to the question is a motherfucking yes, man
Sometimes the rap shit is stressing me//
Straight-A’s student, ain’t no motherfucking testing me
With 16 bars, give me a minute, and I kill it//
I’m a menace, people know who fucking did it when I’m in it
Witty when I spit it, gritty with a fitted//
Iller than your fucking favorite emcee cuz I’m with it
Constipated, DON’T give a shit if you DON’T get it//
Cuz I KNOW I’mma reach the top, I’mma GO get it,
Ridiculous how figures just rule everything//
From the music that we hear to the diamond in the bling
A diamond in the rough, though nobody gives a fuck//
If you don’t make a buck, tough luck, yet I’m stuck so…


from Makin' Moves, released August 31, 2012
Produced by John-Alexis.


all rights reserved



P.J. Sweden

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