New World

from by P.J.

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I don’t wanna be political, biblical, ridiculed or rude: I just rap//
Make a living on killing – really not feeling that
You hear the irony, put down the iron G//
That’s just unnecessary energy, feeling me?
I elude feud by not acting rude//
And I’m breaking bread without breaking rules
Make it less complex, speak right from the heart
With 16 bars I will fight for my cause, because
I wish the sun always shined//
And that guns wasn’t products that you put into aisles
That the news reporter would say: “This just in//
Peace calls made all wars just end, and
Soldiers are back from Iraq, they ain’t going back//
No more crap they finally said nuff of that”
I’m just looking for a place where I//
Can turn a frown upside down and smile for a while, guess I…

Got to find a new world
Where the people get along

What if a dispersed verse burst universe’s curse//
Of peace finding peace on earth
And what if with a single chorus evil forces//
All disappeared like Brazilian forests
What if all this universal hurt turned musical work//
I promise there would never be no
Chase or trouble, just bass and treble//
Replace pain with gain, a better day tomorrow without sorrow
If it was that easy//
Still can’t grasp that we really lost Amiri
I feel the pain coming back//
Every time I listen to that track on iRap…
But what if the world lived in peace//
Would Pac and Biggie still walk on these streets?
Johnny J make beats? JFK rest in peace? //
World Trade not lay at the end of the day? Anyway I…

Got to find a new world
Where the people get along

Imagine the world living in harmony, no harm would be//
Alarming the senses and pencils
Were used in fights, no blood spill//
Poverty would probably be gone like Chappelle
Guess that’s not happening though//
Another shut door yet another closed window
Injustice just unjust shit//
Unclutch clutched fist, must adjust quick
Or we’ll be stuck in tough shit//
Roughness – thus must thrust through tough shifts
While big boss gets bonus//
Don’t throw bones cuz, on their thrown they’re alone
On their own, thinking bout their own drive//
Some want a piece or a peaceful time, while
Cops want the wrists, boxers want the fists//
Lawyers the want the twist, I just want this, I guess I…


from Makin' Moves, released August 31, 2012
Produced by EB.


all rights reserved



P.J. Sweden

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