Ain't so Hard

from by P.J.

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Fast life, if the cash is light, brighter day comes//
Up and down like a halfpipe in my past, write, whatever might come, and
Whatever might come up may come out, no excuses//
So I do this, pardon, do me, when it gets twisted like a rubix
Whoever you be, I know some certain things seem to go wrong//
And you overstress it if you hear some slow depressing song
So no moping, eloping or hoping that your life would’ve been better//
Don’t let up, when you get fed up you stay tough and keep your head up
Aim up high (high, high) If I’m gonna be a star, then the limit ain’t the sky//
Put my heart and soul in it, innit refreshing?
Guessing you were looking for some sympathy? (Sympathy) //
I can tell from you how you look at me, but look at me
When you feel shitty, no self pity. No help with it//
Will you always need a helping hand when it don’t go down like you planned?
Damn. Always relying on someone else, huh//
Why you lying to yourself, hun?
It hurts me to see you burst into tears when I personally know you deserve better//
Just persevere, and you’ll make it
An anthem for the glass’ half empty souls//
Toast. The glass’ half full, fool

When you feel that it’s all sub par and you fall
Through the clouds and the mountains of problems a-la-a-arm, just remember we a-a-all
We gotta face struggles, now brace for it, embrace our goal, and reach for it
For your life ain’t ha-a-ard. No your life ain’t hard. (so hard, so hard)

Hardly falling, are we all in the same mode//
Same old story, bore me
Calmly think it through, should anybody pity you//
Cuz little shit went wrong, so you thinking, there ain’t shit to do
Admit it you know that it ain’t right//
So you show that you ain’t gon’ fight
For it, forget it, for it’s shown that you hold back//
You know that: that won’t last, so go back, reprogram and get it
I know that life’s scary, carry yourself through it//
Indubitably, no matter who you be, I’m rooting for ya
Who could spoil the future for you but you//
Your own worst enemy, kidding me
If you push yourself down, then you cheer up, clouded your mind, you clear up//
Anytime, all the time, you smile don’t frown when life is a bitch, then turn her to a dime
And rise on trials, live it to the fullest
No limit, take shots like a bullet, never think what if I couldn’t, just do it//


from Makin' Moves, released August 31, 2012
Produced by John-Alexis.


all rights reserved



P.J. Sweden

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