Dream On

from by P.J.

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This is I, vibing late at night, 4th of March, when//
others may be out, partying, I’m tryina barge in
To your iPods, and your facebooks//
Like it’s my job, with no pay, took
a little longer than expected, hope my songs ain’t rejected//
CD’s ain’t ejected, stay calm and collected
Quality rhymes as nice as the highest ranked//
Guys scream FIRE without being bias, I just
Never stop, no hiatus, hi haters! I decided to write and look what came… out//
Played out rappers getting played out…
Vouch to always be true, while you, do what the fuck it is that you do…
On point like voodoo, who knew this dude rule//
I, no Drake impression
Just stating with aggression… //
I knew
Since self doubt is left out, I stress how loud crowds wows are//
Same thing everyday: Groundhog, my god…
My thesis: elite is defeat if compared to my dreams. I dream… big.

And that’s all that I ever did//
And that’s all that I’ll ever do
And that’s all that I ever will
Dream on, dream on

Dream on till reality is gone//
Working hard till six in the morn
Late nights in the chamber of hope//
I record records, call me Usain Bolt
But when others are sleeping on weekends me and my peeps creeping keep seeking//
Trying to find shine like a beacon
Writing, reading, tweaking. YouTubeing and tweeting//
Always try to sneak in every human being’s seeing
Or human being’s hearing then stay in your ear like earring//
Fit into the beat like the sample and the snare, and
The kick, kick back, thinking about my dream world//
I already got my dream girl, I’m soon there
No fear, step by step, I’ll get there//
Got a plan, plan to see it through, hell yeah
Without a care, I’ll always have well fare
If it goes well, dream, I see you next year.


from Makin' Moves, released August 31, 2012
Produced by Magic-Boy.


all rights reserved



P.J. Sweden

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